What is the cost?

If you wish you can split a share with someone else and split the cost. If you need help finding someone to partner with, let us know and we will pair you up as we get requests.

SHARE TYPE Full Share Full Early Bird Share*
Premium $990 + $15 site fee $950 + $15 site fee
Basic $825 + $15 site fee $795 + $15 site fee
Pre-Bagged Medium $660 + $15 site fee $640 + $15 site fee
PAYMENT DUE BY May 22 Feb 23

*Farmer offers early bird discounts depending on when you send in your payment.

Premium share- contains, on average, 10-12 items and a larger quantity of most of the items in the basic share.

Over the course of the season the premium share will include various less common vegetables, such as escarole, radicchio, fennel and frissee, not found in the basic or medium share.

Basic share– contains, on average, 9-10 items. It will be approximately 75% of the Premium share.

Pre-bagged medium share– contains, 9-10 items and half of the quantity of many of the items in the premium share.

Boxing – If you wish your share to be pre-bagged and save you time, you may choose this option:

Prepackaged Basic and Premium shares- boxing charge of $75/season.

Pro-rated shares are available for those who join after the start of the season.

Optional Fruit Share Add-on for members– 14 weeks (not consecutive) = $250
Two types of fruit each week, averaging 5-7 lbs./ week
Locally sourced fruit to the greatest extent possible.  Some local fruit may be organic, most will be eco-grown. This means organic methods are followed as much as possible, but some spray materials which are prohibited for organic production are used, primarily early in the season. It is very difficult to grow organic tree fruit on the east coast due to the high humidity (fungal diseases) and one particular pest (plum curculio). Eco-grown fruit is monitored and tested for pesticide residues. In the event of crop failures on local orchards we will source only organic fruit from non-local US sources (west coast- CA, WA) Fruit will likely include: blueberries, strawberries, cherries, plums, peaches, nectarines, pluots, hardy kiwi, apples and pears. There is no guarantee that all these items will be available in a given year. Shares which include higher value fruit- strawberries, blueberries, cherries and kiwi will have lower total weight. The fruit for the final 5 or 6 weeks of the season will be primarily different varieties of apples and pears.

Email us if you are interested in joining: